Experiencing everything and everywhere that Mendocino California has to offer could have been done from various vacation rentals across the area. One of the popular bed and breakfasts was the Abigail’s.

The Abigail’s was a sister property of the famous Whitegate Inn in Mendocino. Abigail’s was very family friendly and encouraged families to bring children as well as pets which may have not been encouraged in other bed and breakfasts around the area. This facility charged a mere thirty five dollars per stay per pet instead of per day like many other places may have charged.

Abigail’s property was built as a private home and had various rooms available for vacationing. This facility had five separate suites as well as one private room. Each room came equipped with a private bathroom as well as views of gardens and the Pacific. The house had high ceilings which made the atmosphere light and airy. Abigail’s was located close to the village type atmosphere of the surrounding areas and one was able to walk to various different amenities.

Abigail’s was geared towards families and cherished the adults, children and pets that visited. This location was made to feel luxurious as well as family friendly so it was indeed the best of both worlds.