The Whitegate Inn is a very affordable bed and breakfast in California that boasts its unbelievable guestroom accommodations. Not only does the Inn have one type of guestroom but it actually has five differently set up guestrooms that each come with a different name. The most extravagant of the five is the Cyprus guestroom. This particular guestroom comes with all of the extras such as an ocean view as well as a spa bathtub. In this guestroom is situated on the first floor and comes equipped with a grand queen bed, real wood burning fireplace and was also featured in the Beautiful Bedrooms publication. The Garden Path Guestroom is another first floor located room that comes with amenities such as a gas fireplace and private bathroom. On the second floor of the facility the more extravagant is the French Rose Guestroom. This guestroom comes equipped with a French type antique bed as well as a wood burning fireplace. This particular room was also featured in the Sunset Magazine.

Another option available on the second floor is the Spring Meadow Guestroom. This guestroom offers the guest a view of the Inn’s gardens as well as a gas fireplace and a bathtub and shower combination. Last but not least is yet another option that is available to the guests of the Whitegate Inn. This is the Violet Guestroom. This guestroom seems to be the simplest of all of the options that are available while visiting the Whitegate Inn. This room offers a partial ocean view as well as a wood burning fireplace and a private bathroom. All of the guestrooms offer a queen bed as well as a television. Some of the rooms come equipped with a DVD and television combination but most do not. The guestrooms are affordable to any budget and are set in a remarkably serene setting in California. The Inn as well as the guestrooms are adorned with various French antiques throughout leaving the guest feeling as if they have taken a plane to see how the French countryside was many, many years ago. The guestrooms are spacious and fit all of your belongings comfortably.

Since a guests stay may be for business or pleasure each room comes with various private amenities to make the stay more comfortable. Taking a tour of the guestrooms of the Whitegate Inn can be done by appointment as well as being seen on their website to make a decision.