Located in Mendocino California the Whitegate Inn was a popular bed and breakfast where many held ceremonies such as vow renewals, commitment and weddings. It was a place where the staff of the Inn took care of everything knowing that the day one gets married is a stressful time.

The Whitegate Inn held the facility as well as the staff to the highest standard. When choosing the Inn for a ceremony. There were many special perks to having your ceremonial event at the facility. The Inn not only took care of the gourmet food selections that one has made but they could have arranged for everything down to the last flower that was placed. All of the things that one typically needs to plan for a wedding ceremony the Inn took care of. Not only did they take care of gourmet meals for all of the guests but if asked they would find a wedding official, hire a photographer as well as have their in house florist take care of the dreamy floral arrangements that would have adorned the Inn during the event.

Various locations around the grounds of the Inn housed places for a ceremony. There were various gardens one the grounds, a gazebo that overlooked the ocean and other common rooms with elegant décor. If just one location did not suite the occasion the Inn allowed the guests to use various locations for the special event. If there was an unusual request for the event such as a specific food or having a particular thing for breakfast everyday, it was of no consequence to the staff. Since the Inn was closed to the public for the guests event there was a great sense of privacy and intimacy. Every staff member working the weekend of the ceremonial event was at the guest’s beck and call. The Inn typically accommodated smaller events of 30-35 people.

There was no discrimination at the Inn. For the celebration of the law passed in California for same sex marriages they offered a special package for those couples who held their ceremonies at the Inn. The couple was treated to a massage during their stay at the facility.

The Whitegate Inn had various affordable ceremonial packages. When deciding on their venue they wanted their guests to be sure it was the place for them. The Inn offered up a discounted nights stay to anyone who was interested in having their ceremony at the venue. The Whitegate Inn tried their best to make everyone’s ceremony worry free.